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How to Convict George Zimmerman 101: Part 1, The Setup

September 05, 2012 By: Keiron Jackman Category: Headlines

Gary W. Green/Orlando Sentinel/AP

Approximately a week ago I, the author, attended the “Under a Microscope: Stand Your Ground Gun Law” symposium, sponsored by First Choice and produced by The Orange County Bar Association Paralegal Section. The event was moderated by Paul Owens of the Orlando Sentinel and consisted of a three-person panel: Senator David Simmons Esq., one of the sponsors of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law; the Honorable Bob LeBlanc; and Zahra Umansky Esq. The event was eye-opening to say the least and the balance was tipped. In fact there was only one slide under the microscope – the slide provided by the gun lobby – and it prompted me to write this article.