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Was 2012 the pinnacle of proof a double standard exists for Blacks

December 31, 2012 By: Keiron Jackman Category: Headlines

Hello world!

Arizona S.B. 1070: A new Fourth Amendment fight looms

June 26, 2012 By: Keiron Jackman Category: Current Events, Headlines, Immigration

S.B. 1070 has no teeth

APLEBLOG readers should not have been surprised by the Supreme Court’s ruling on Arizona’s S.B. 1070. For the last two years APLEBLOG has been consistent in its stance on S.B. 1070’s unconstitutionality and the grounds by which it would be struck down. In all, three of the four challenged provisions were struck down and the one remaining provision was remanded to the state with instructions. Yet this is not the end. (more…)

GOP’s political strategy mirrors blackface theatrics

August 02, 2010 By: Keiron Jackman Category: Headlines, Politics, Social/Business Issues

Political Columnist

RNC Chairman Michael Steele has been doing a lot more for the GOP than they have been doing for him. He provides cover for the GOP’s racially tinged political strategy by distinction. Steele is an African American in the highest position the GOP has to offer; he is the face of the Republican Party, despite the fact a substantial part of the body [base] is lily white. Steele’s chairmanship allows the GOP to take a preemptive, more adverse stance than would be normal against a wartime president bogged down by an economic crisis, even granting the GOP a pass to flirt with the likes of the Tea Party and Birthers without the stain of being called a party of bigots. How can they? The head of the RNC is black.


DOJ files suit: Isn’t Arizona’s SB 1070 illegal?

July 09, 2010 By: Keiron Jackman Category: Headlines, Immigration, Law

Political Columnist

Maybe upon reading my post Arizona Immigration Law will be ruled unconstitutional Arizona’s legal and legislative teams decided to reconsider, rather revise SB 1070 in an effort to strengthen its constitutionality. Wishful thinking! Nevertheless the effort to clean up SB 1070 falls short of constitutionality leaving an opening for the Justice Department to deliver a case-ending one-two punch in court.