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Newt Tells the Truth About Food Stamps

January 23, 2012 By: Keiron Jackman Category: Campaign 2012, Politics, Social/Business Issues

Former Speaker of the House (AP)

Many of Newt’s critics including the respectable Congressman James Clyburn (D-SC) are concerned that Newt’s statements concerning President Obama and food stamps are a part of the “Southern Strategy,” and a play on racial undertones reminiscent of the Black Ghetto Queen. If these connotations were true, it would imply the former Speaker is actually saying that he will bring back jobs to Blacks. Considering the disparately high unemployment rate amongst Blacks, why is this not a good thing? It is a fact that Blacks are disproportionally affected by the 2008 economic collapse more than any other racial group. According to the recent December 2011 job report, Black unemployment is approximately 15.8%, compared to 7% for Whites and 11% for Hispanics. Thus far, Newt seems to be the only Republican candidate that has made it a point to address joblessness within the Black community. Why unemployment is significantly higher for Blacks is a different discussion for another post, but whatever the theory it is a subject that needs much attention. (more…)

The Apostles of Paul: He’s the Only One

January 16, 2012 By: Keiron Jackman Category: Campaign 2012, Current Events, Headlines, Politics

Ron Paul supporters are the most dedicated of all the candidate supporters in the 2012 Republican Primary. They are known by their constant insistence that a mix of government debt, Federal Reserve policies and a departure from the Constitution will destroy America. The Apostles of Paul speak with confidence, and they are prepared to handle every party-affiliation on the political spectrum by the script. Like Jehovah Witnesses they are constantly seeking to convert unbelievers, providing a litany of Youtube docudramas to back it up. In all fairness, the Youtube docudramas are used with the utmost care, reserved for only the toughest, but slightly susceptible voters. And when asked why no other candidate is speaking about these topics, they point to conspiracies and rich families controlling the media. Nonetheless every conversation ends with some sort of variation of, “Ron Paul is the only one.”


Ron Paul: I am not a racist, my Hero is Black

January 09, 2012 By: Keiron Jackman Category: birthers, Campaign 2012, Politics, tea party

Apparently Congressman Paul has never heard the statement, “I am not a racist, my best friend is Black,” as if being a racist and keeping minority friends is mutually exclusive. Paul has maintained this type response to every inquiry that questions his feelings toward minorities, particularly Blacks. And despite repeated attempts to question him, Paul has not directly addressed his personal feelings, but rather has chosen to deflect these inquiries by stating facts that do not concern his own opinion. Paul’s character, in my opinion, speaks more to prejudice rather than racist, as racism depicts a superiority doctrine. (more…)