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Anchor Roz Abrams’ 2nd take

December 24, 2013 By: Wendy Phillips Category: Current Events, Headlines


Roz Abrams

When Roz Abrams was honored by New York Women’s Agenda (NYWA) on December 19, 2013, we understood clearly why second takes are necessary.  Personalities that magnetic do not go quietly into the night.  After a successful career as one of New York’s favorite anchors on WABC-TV and WCBS-TV, Roz retired – but that was not the end of the Roz Abrams story. 

Take two – Roz the actor!

During her speech on Awards Night, Roz impressed the audience with her wit, and stunned with her grace and humility.  But the best part of her speech was when Roz spoke about her alliance with Red Wall Productions, headed by the husband and wife producer team of Craig T. Williams and Rosalyn Coleman Williams. The team is working on a pilot in which Abrams is cast as a retired anchor who, unable to walk away from the limelight, sets up a studio in her home from which she broadcasts the news – her way.  Way to go, Roz!

Although Roz has not taken formal acting classes, there is no doubt that Roz will be able to parlay her 20 plus years of experience as a television news journalist into a successful acting career.  While we look forward to the antics and humor Roz will bring, we also want to hear the truth about journalism including the triumphs and the pain. We can’t wait to see Roz on the small screen again. We wish Roz and Red Wall Productions the best.

1 Comments to “Anchor Roz Abrams’ 2nd take”

  1. Thank you so much for writing about Life With Roz.

    We know that Roz Abrams has something legit to share about her life and her life force is strong enough to get the message across in a way that is at once humorous and poignant always based in a truth.

    For the record I believe there are some performers who walk among us who may not have had “legit” acting training but can none the less hang with the best. Let me go on your record judge, Roz Abrams is one of those rare ones.

    It is my great privilege to usher Roz in this work. Please continue to support this project. We will need you indeed.

    Happiest of holidays to you & yours.
    Mad respect.

    In the work,
    Rosalyn Coleman Williams


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