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Public demands recent photos so it can profile Trayvon like Zimmerman did

March 28, 2012 By: Keiron Jackman Category: Current Events

Current photos isn't the story

Ironically there is and continues to be an outcry for recent photos of Trayvon Martin, the teen fatally shot in Sanford, Florida after a neighborhood watch volunteer encountered him on his way home in a gated community. Since the shooting there has been a slow but mounting effort to bring this shooting into the public eye, because Zimmerman was never arrested for the incident. The news media and the like, has been discussing the shooting on a national scale and just like any other story that, photos of the subject have been portrayed.  Many think that it is unfair to show photos of Trayvon that are not recent, but rather are a couple years old. Really, these people are upset the media has displayed photos of a young, “innocent-looking” Trayvon.

What will recent photos do? It will not change the facts of the story. It is a fact that Trayvon was on his way home, was not up to no good, unarmed and carrying Skittles and Ice Tea – categorically a child’s snack. Nevertheless, the people who are calling for these recent photos do not realize that they are perpetuating the same stereotypical reaction Zimmerman fell into that fatal February night. They believe subconsciously, that a recent photo will explain the why the incident happened.

Would the masses be satisfied once a menacing photo is released? Will that satisfy the minds of those who believe that following Trayvon was justified because of the way a he looks? Is it wrong for a grieving mother to release to the media, media-appropriate photos of her son who was the victim of a fatal shooting? What a shame! Justice is supposed to the blind, but obviously she peeks at her claimants.

This practice of releasing “better photos” is nothing new. Think about the media in general. When you see photos of your favorite actors or models, are they necessarily recent photos of them? Most of those photos you see are airbrushed and very old. In political campaigns most, if not all, photos released to the media are generally photos of younger, healthier, candidate. This is a common practice. Most of our famous supermodels do not look as they did in their heydays, yet when there is a new story about them the media often flashes photos of them during their prime. Even our money has portraits of presidents that aren’t the most recent photos of them. Yet, these same people crying foul never think twice when they see a mugshot of an individual who perpetrated or is accused of a crime flashed on the news even though the mugshot was taken years ago.

The reason why Trayvon is different is because there are certain enclaves in America that perceive this incident through the eyes of Zimmerman. These people do think it’s suspicious for a black boy, to be wearing a hoodie, walking around alone at night in a gated community. Moreover they do believe that individuals fitting this description are up to no good. For example, Zimmerman thought it necessary to articulate that Trayvon was carrying something in his waistband. Zimmerman obviously thought it must have been a weapon of some sort; after all he is a black boy, wearing a hoodie, in an exclusive neighborhood.  The logical conclusion someone with his mentality would come to.

What Zimmerman and those who want recent photos do not realize is that the rest of America has gone past stereotypes. They do not agree that Trayvon presented a threat, because of how he was dressed or because of the color of his skin. Maybe if he were carrying a flat-screen TV it would raise suspicion, but the rest of America understands it is not only possible that Trayvon would live there, but that he could be the guest of someone that does. Zimmerman should be shamed, and he is in hiding. Personally, I believe he is in hiding because he’s loosing weight. Zimmerman was approximately 250 lbs at the time of the incident whereas Trayvon was 140 lbs. Zimmerman claims he was attacked and his head was bashed, once this man comes out of hiding and people are able to see his size it will be very hard for anybody to logically think a 140 lb boy was able to bash his head in.

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15 Comments to “Public demands recent photos so it can profile Trayvon like Zimmerman did”

  1. We want recent photos because they are already changing the minds of America by showing old photos of both. Zimmermans shown in an orange jumpsuit looking menacing while Trayvon was 12 or 14 looking innocent. Right now the new info states Trayvon attacked which prompted the shooting. We also know he was suspended and there had been recent burglaries in the gated community. 11:30 at night there is a tall black male walking through the gated area that Zimmerman saw. He also stated in the phone call he is lOoking around and acting weird. Just because he wasn’t armed doesnt mean he wasn’t up to no good and doesn’t mean he didnt attack Zimmerman.

  2. katrinanation chalmette says:

    Its about perception and you know it. Of course it matters. Its much more sinister sounding if a man shoots a “child” versus a “teenager” or “young man” Its the perception that a man stalked a poor “vulnerable” little boy versus a boy physically capable of being much stronger than that. the photos are deceptive, simple as that for those who want FACTS and an investigation they should also want honesty. He was 6’3. That’s not a little boy. All I have to say until ALL the facts are in.

  3. Terry Carlino says:

    He had a photo that said “Made NIGGA”. He was not a child, he was a 17 year old gang banger. If I put on a white hoodie, take a picture that says “Made White Boy”, would that be ok. Would I still be an innocent little teen. Hell no. It would be used against me to show my personality. He became an adult when he became a made “NIGGA”. HIS OWN WORDS! With his fingers up in the air telling the rest of us non nigs to f off. What do you think about that photo. No such an innocent teen now is he. If he was so innocent, why did they scrub his facebook account so clean. If employers can use facebook to determine our value, why can’t we? Well, I guess he is not so innocent. Why did he not go for help if he was being followed. No matte what the outcome, I DO NOT SUPPORT MADE NIGGAS. The media and our MAIN NIGGA Obama can kiss my ass. Show the truth!

  4. Keiron Jackman says:

    When you were young you never dressed up as a criminal of some sort, never played cops and robbers, or pretended to shoot guns and kill each other. How is that different, besides time and what is socially accepted as cool in respective cultures. As far as the law is concerned a minor is a minor. The law respects that, that’s why when a minor commits a crime most of the time it’s wiped once they become of majority age, if a minor makes a contract its invalid. A minor cannot vote and cannot do many things, we should not pick and choose who should be a minor to suit our own agenda. Children place foil on their teeth, the dress up as indians and do all sort of childish and stupid things, but that’s because they are immature. To hold a minor to the standard of an adult is unfair. Just like if a online predator came after a 16 1/2 yr old person we don’t say that person looks like an adult and acts like an adult so statutory rape should not apply, we say they are a minor. I would agree with you if this person was an adult, furthermore out of high school.

  5. Why all the dishonesty?

    So the black community can falsely blame whites?

    The only black & white shooting was in Sarasota Florida where two innocent whites were killed by a low life black kid who terrorized his own neighberhood. His low-life sister threatened witnesses!

    The Trayvon killing was a SPANISH guy, with blacks in his own family, and with close black firends like Joe Oliver speaking up for him on national TV.

    Yet the killing is supposed to be blames on whites all because his dad is white?

    And to cover up the kind of criminal the black kid is the news media use a picture of a ten year old kid!

    The kid got expelled from school three times! Got caught with bugery tools and a bag of stolen items he “found”. He was caught with an empty pot bag. He wore GANGSTER hoodie in HOT Florida, and lets not play dumb, I live here and KNOW hoodie means you want to be a black gangster, a pimp, have whores, and rob people. That’s what the hoodie thing is all about.

    So why all the lies? Why the fake photo? Why the hate towards whites? Are blacks scared of mexicans and so they try to blame whites instead?

    And why is the President, members of Congress, and fake churches trying to spread the hate?

  6. Mr Billy Kidwell…You are the reason that innocent people of color are harrased all the time….Innocent is the key word …I’m not talking about those up too no good….INNOCENT people of color are harrased all the time for no reason only for being themselves.

    My second point… everyone is so hooked on whether Zimmerman was white, spanish, mexican….This is irrelevant people of all ethnicities can be racist not just white people….What is relevant is that TRAYVON WAS PROFILED…not just for being black but for being BLACK, YOUNG, and DRESSED IN A CERTAIN WAY. And fitting a certain “stereotype”
    Zimmerman cant be blamed for trying to get away with what he did…He knows he will be in jail for a long time if convicted so I’m not blaming him for exagerating the circumstances to make it look like he is innocent..thats what any murderer would do…Who I do blame is the police department because it is they’re resposibility to keep murderers off the street and in this case they failed miserably……

    And Billy if you are going to mention a teeneager being suspended from school for perhaps at the most experimenting with marijuana…which although not a good idea is something that many americans have done then you must also mention that Zimmerman was arrested for domestic violence and assaulting an officer ….which is something that most americans have not done..

    Billy you feel that white people are being blamed…I never blamed white people for this I blame Zimmerman..not white not jewish not hispanic…only Zimmerman

    One more thing …you said….”Are blacks scared of mexicans and so they try to blame whites instead?”

    How did Mexicans get involved here? Oh, you must be one of those ignorant people who thing all spanish people “are the same” “or are mexican” Zimmerman is half Peruvian…. its a totally different county… educate yourself please so you can atleast make an intelligent argument.

    if it matters this is coming from a Cuban female of color.
    Lets educate and love our young children not kill them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Suicida| says:

    You know this all comes down to honesty.

    Martin’s family is being very dishonest in trying to portray him as a 12 year old.
    They are trying to hide the truth about who he was by deleting his Facebook and twitter accounts and having their lawyer seal his school records.

    Its pretty obvious they have some skeletons in the closet they don’t want anyone to see.

    Get ready for Casey Anthony 2.0

  8. DucDucGoose says:

    I can certainly appreciate the offense at being profiled by a police officer. However, that isn’t what happened according to the tapes here at all. If you type out the conversation between Zimmerman and 911, he simply called the police because he saw a stranger walking around in his private gated community. That isn’t profiling.

    In fact we pay civil servants to come investigate these matters for our safety. Here Zimmerman called the civil servants, who then began to obtain information from the caller sufficient for the officers to know who to look for, and Zimmerman simply answered questions by the police.

    “Was he black white or hispanic? “Um well he looks black” Can you tell me what he is wearing? Um it looks like a dark ..dark grey hoodie. Jeans or sweat pants and white tennis shoes.” That isn’t profiling by Zimmerman. The questions posed by the police aren’t racist. They are very general. The fact this resident of the community doesn’t recognize the stranger present is enough to have a lawful person come to investigate. So whether you feel standing in the rain looking around is strange or not is irrelevant.

    The police told Zimmerman to keep an eye on him and tell him if he did anything and Zimmerman followed those instructions until the officer thought that to do so meant Zimmerman was following him. So they tell him that was needed. Every story in the press …stops right there, and concludes without any basis that Zimmerman ignored the police.

    Instead Zimmerman can be heard to say okay. He speaks on the phone with the officer for roughly a minute thereafter and appears to be returning to his vehicle. States his concern because he doesn’t know where the stranger went. Agreed to meet the officers that were in route near the clubhouse gate area. Gave them a number to reach him if they arrived before he could get there and hung up.

    Roughly one minute later they meet on the path. I cannot say what happened at that point because I wasn’t there. According to Treyvons girlfriend statements Treyvon began the initial contact by asking Zimmerman if he had a problem. That is consistent with Zimmerman returning to his vehicle.

    Witnesses saw them on the ground before a gun was produced. All accounts publicly have Zimmerman on the bottom. The photo’s at the jail are grainy. There will be much clearer photos taken by the police. Police reports say he was treated at the scene. This fact could be cross checked with the fire dept who treated him as noted in the only available police report I have seen in the press.

    Any expert will tell you the lack of bruise skin tear or scratch on Treyvon does not mean he didn’t hit Zimmerman in the nose. A punch to the nose can actually kill a person. As well as a head banging off the concrete.

    There is the possibility some new piece of information could come forward that materially changes the basic facts reported but it is unlikely a month later.

    Treyvon doesn’t have to be a criminal or a thug to have acted out of fear and struck Zimmerman. Is that a reasonable interpretation based of what his girl friend said. Yes. Zimmerman doesn’t have to be considered a 250 lb white racist, to have used his gun in defense. Simply because a tragedy occurs and someone dies, does not always mean a crime occurred. Wait for authorities to fully investigate all the angles.

  9. SheilaToomey says:

    Terry Carlino, the photo you’re referring to was a facebook page for a DIFFERENT person, also named Trayvon Martin. It was published without being verified and it’s not him. The rest of your rant is absolute garbage. You know nothing about this boy.

  10. I understand alot of what you say ducduc…the only thing is that I am not saying that the profiling occured when he was on the phone with the dispatcher the profiling accured the moment Zimmerman felt that Trayvon was a suspicious person worth of a phone call to police…you say: “he simply called the police because he saw a stranger walking around in his private gated community. That isn’t profiling.” That absolutely is profiling…the community is gated sure but it is a COMMUNITY it is not your private backyard…and in that community there are going to be people that come visit people that live there, people there to provide a service ex..utility service delivery service etc… there is no way that you are going to know every person that walks through the community and that was the case here the boy was visiting a family member that lived there….so the fact that he felt he did not belong there because he did not look perhaps like other people that live in the community is exactly what profiling is…

    Dictionary definition: pro·fil·ing  /ˈproʊfaɪlɪŋ/ Show Spelled[proh-fahy-ling]
    the use of specific characteristics, as race or age, to make generalizations about a person, as whether he or she may be engaged in illegal activity.

    So he did profile Trayvon which is what led to the follwing events

  11. Mr. White says:

    Zimmerman – 1, Criminals – 0

    ” The best witness in a murder trial, is the one who can’t tell their side of the story”.

    Another thug off the street. Zimmerman did society a favor. I say good. Next we should get the New Black Panther Party. That would be a good time.


  12. It is sad that a life has been taken. But his parents are the blame for all the aftermath. And, all of the post events. They have lied about their son’s real character, and did more ‘profiling’ than anyone else that is involved in this case. It’s more than obvious that they gave a younger picture to the news media, and ‘sugar coated’ all the true facts about him. His mother talks about Trayvon’s being expelled, as if he won some sort of award, for spray painting (something that Gang’s are notorious for), and a crime, whether she thinks it is, or not. Tardy, and walks out of classes, another character of defiance of authority. Caught with womens jewelry, and a screw driver (maybe he was a mechanic). And, he was looking forward to his senior year, and the prom, and going to college. But, attended at his pleasure. Religious, by going to church, no mention of this activities in, or with the church, or what faith he was! I am sure that the 17 year old that killed the 2 tourist from the UK, recent. Who mistakenly wandered into a housig project, in Sarasota, Fl. Because he wanted their money, and they begged for their lives, but instead said, ‘since you ain’t got no money, then I have something for your ass’! Then shot each one several times. Blacks don’t profile? He got 2 life sentences, without parole.

    Never condone the action of New Black Party, and the bounty that was placed on Zimmerman, and bring in Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson, noted racial bigots! And the giving out of an older couples address, in error, but intended to do harm to Zimmerman! If the truth be known, he probably was with his father in Sandford, by his mother. Because she could not control him, and the path he was on in Miami, and her current husband didn’t want him living with them. There are a lot of assumtions, but his family has caused the for it, by their deceptive lies, and wanting some sort of glory for him in death, that he wasn’t going to get in life!!

  13. The hatred of some white people for blacks is astonishing! That they would view the death of a black teen who never had problems with the law as okay. I am so glad that there is a place prepared for such haters. There is justice if not in this life in the hereafter. The black race is resilient, look at our history it is impossible to get rid of the black race.

  14. So does anybody have a more recent photo of the 17 year old that was shot?

  15. Nettles says:

    If you saw a young kid you didn’t recognize in your neighborhood standing in the rain looking at the houses what’s so wrong with calling the police to check this out. He didn’t confront the kid, he called the police. Mr. Zimmerman described behavior not race when he talked of suspicion and when asked for his race he said ‘he looks black’ so at that point he wasn’t sure. Alarm bells went off in my head when I saw a picture of a 12 year old being described as a 17 year old and question why the family doesn’t want him pictured as he was at 17. I wonder if Trayvon would want to be remembered as a 12 year old. I doubt it.


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