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What’s Sarah going to do?

July 19, 2010 By: Wendy Phillips Category: Current Events, Politics

Sarah Palin

A recent Gallup poll shows that Sarah Palin leads Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Bobby Jindal as the most popular GOP presidential candidate for 2012.  Palin not only polls well among Republicans, but she is the best known to Americans.  Forty-four percent of all Americans rate her favorably.

If Palin decides to run in 2012, she will be a top contender for the Republican nomination.  But will she run?  Will she or won’t she?  Hasn’t this question been asked and answered?  Although Palin has not given a definite answer to this question, her actions make it clear that she will not run for President in 2012.

Palin’s decision to quit as governor of Alaska in 2009 was the first sign that Palin would not run for President.  How would she explain quitting to voters?  Some say that she quit because she realized that her chances of winning in 2012 were dismal, so she decided to take another route in order to accomplish her goal of fame and fortune.  Palin not only lost her bid for VP in the 2008 race, but she was humiliated by the likes of Katie Couric and the other members of the ‘lamestream’ media who magnified her weaknesses and made her the laughing stock of the campaign.  She didn’t know much, and she was insecure, so she wrote crib notes in her hand to help her along, but the press made fun of that too.  Each faux pas showed how unprepared she was and is. Palin quickly realized that she was not ready to play with the big boys.

So she quit her job as governor, wrote a book, went on tour, joined forces with the tea party, and started commanding $75,000 – $100,000 per appearance.  Although she didn’t get the VP job, her name was well known to virtually every American.  She attracted crowds wherever she went.  She didn’t need the VP title.  Her new career as a celebrity and spokesperson for the Republicans was a lucrative one. She even scored a TV show on Fox News called “Real American Stories.”  Life is good.  To hell with Couric and the other haters!  She could make more money than all of them!

But Sarah didn’t only aspire to make lots of money.  She wanted to be respected as a powerbroker and influential person as well.  So she set up a political action committee (PAC) which began to raise significant amounts of money. Sarah’s PAC raised $865,000 in the first six months of the year – more than all the GOP presidential hopefuls, except Romney.  Through her PAC, Sarah could wield her money and power to further her agenda which is to have a Republican elected in 2012, and influence the 2010 midterm elections by endorsing GOP candidates who are trying to win key seats.  It was reported that Palin donated $87,500 to Republican candidates and endorsed 50.

With her money and loyal following, Sarah could make or break candidates for public office.  She will not run in 2012 and her family knows that.  That’s why her daughter, Bristol and her fiancé, Levi Johnston were allowed to sell the story of their engagement to Us Weekly for $100,000 and shop a reality show.  Sarah knew about it and approved it because it goes along with Sarah’s motto: make as much money as you can, while you can.

So don’t expect to see Sarah seek the GOP presidential or vice presidential nomination in the 2012 elections.  But, with her money and power, if she wishes, Sarah could buy a seat in the cabinet of the president of her choice – just as Hillary Clinton did.

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6 Comments to “What’s Sarah going to do?”

  1. This article is complete crap written by another “journalist” with an agenda. Funny how it mentions Palin quit, but doesn’ t mention the 19 FRIVILOUS liberal-launched lawsuits she had to defeat as Governor that ulitimately cost her family $500,000 (for a job that paid her $140k), her state MILLIONS of dollars, and her staff thousands of hours to defeat. Not to mention that when Palin resigned there were 20 more lawsuits lined up (she beat the first round 19-0). The liberals were trying to bury her up there and had she stayed as Gov that’s exactly what happened.

    This article mentions the “disastrous” limousine-liberal couric interview when Palin responded “everything” to the condescending question about what she read, but the author never mentions biden’s brillaint comment to couric the week later when he said “Katie, in 1929 roosevelt went on television to calm the country down”.

    The truth is that just we elected the most unqualifed president and the most moronic vice president quite possibly in the history of this great nation, but too many “journalists” like the one who wrote this post were too busy trying to crucify Palin to do any actual reporting. Surprise surprise.

  2. cjohnthan says:

    hi, Dave, have some fun. will ya?

    winning game is not a good thing, as always i would say.

  3. Dave says,
    “The truth is that just we elected the most unqualifed president and the most moronic vice president quite possibly in the history of this great nation…”

    Dave, are you sure you’re not dreaming that McCain and Palin just won?

    Dave, where were you when Clinton was getting impeached? Did you have a problem with conservative-launched lawsuits then?

    If Sarah was not in the wrong then why quit? Those lawsuits didn’t materialize out of thin air. C’mon, come out of the conservative fantasy. There are some great conservatives out there but Palin is DEFINITELY not one of them. She just has a pretty face so she got some attention. Soon, her looks will go and no one will be interested because there is no brain behind the pretty head.

  4. Peterson says:

    AJM: What conservative-launched lawsuits against Clinton are you talking about?

    The one Paula Jones filed, which was approved by the Supreme Court of the US?

    Besides, Jones was a Dem who worked for Clinton.
    All the women who made claims of inappropriate actions by Clinton worked for him and supported him at one time or another, such as Juanita Broddrick


    Or maybe Whitewater?
    Nope – You can thank Janet Reno for that investigation, which, BTW, would have taken far less time and far less money had Clinton not stalled, obfuscated, falsely claimed executive privilege over a dozen times, etc…

    Again, that become known during the discovery process of the sexual harassment lawsuit in Jones v. Clinton
    Clinton later payed Jones nearly 1 Million dollars to settle out of court, which is something innocent people don’t do.

    And Clinton was Impeached by Congress, Disbarred by the SCOTUS, Held in Contempt of Court, and cut a deal with prosecutors to avoid further penalties.

    Blaming “conservatives” for Clinton’s actions is not a valid argument.
    Clinton was responsible for the time, costs and efforts to investigate him, which were highly inflated due to Clinton’s lack of cooperation.

    As for Palin;

    “Those lawsuits didn’t materialize out of thin air.”
    Actually, they did and were generated by a small group of Palin haters in Alaska, and mainly funded by the Alaska Democratic Party.

    Frivolous lawsuits such as wearing a jacket with an “Arctic Cat” logo on it, or filing charges against Palin for seeking advice from her husband, which the lawsuit claimed was creating a “shadow government” and that Todd Palin was the de facto Governor, and not Sarah Palin.

    And yes, all of these ridiculous, frivolous, politically motivated lawsuits had to be addressed and the legal fees had to be paid for by Sarah and Todd Palin.

    Of the 27 lawsuits filed against Palin, 26 have dismissed as being without merit and in many cases, the judge(s) admonished the attorney(s) who brought these cases to court.

    Palin quit because the frivolous lawsuits bankrupted her as her legal bills were far higher than her salary, and the laws in Alaska regarding corruption were being exploited by a group of Palin haters who were filing frivolous lawsuits against on a near-weekly basis.

    Of course, all but one of these lawsuits came after she was chosen as the VP nominee.

    Unlike Clinton, Palin has been cleared of these charges, and she fully cooperated.
    She even filed the “Troopergate” ethics charges against herself in order to exonerate herself.

    And would you stay in a job that was costing you at least 5x your salary in legal bills that took up most of your time to address frivolous lawsuits?
    Of course not.
    So why should Palin remain at a job where she will be subjected to ridiculous, frivolous lawsuits on a weekly basis, costing her at least 5x her salary?

    The Palin haters drove her out of office, but their little scheme backfired as she has become wealthy and successful as writer, speaker, pundit, etc…and just might be our next President.

    Instead of getting rid of Palin, they made her rich, famous and powerful.

    How’s that for irony?

  5. “Funny how it mentions Palin quit, but doesn’ t mention the 19 FRIVILOUS liberal-launched lawsuits she had to defeat as Governor that ulitimately cost her family $500,000 (for a job that paid her $140k), her state MILLIONS of dollars, and her staff thousands of hours to defeat. Not to mention that when Palin resigned there were 20 more lawsuits lined up (she beat the first round 19-0).”

    Well, that’s just wrong data. You say 19 suits and then twenty more when she resigned for a total of 39. Just not true. You say they were liberal-launced – that’s just not true. At least two persons who filed multiple suits were republicans.

    While the suits did cost the state some in time in staff hours, there was never anything close to even close to one million dollars in costs to the state over these suits.

    The only ones that cost anything much were the non-frivilous ones. The actually frivilous ones were dismissed with little cost accrued.

  6. JoeJ92

    Just because you call it “wrong data” doesn’t make it so. The truth is that Palin returned to Alaska as governor and found herself, her family, her staff, and her agenda being totally dictated by FRIVILOUS ethics complaints that cost the state millions of dollars, her staff thousands of hours, her family almost $500,000, and a stalled agenda.

    Of course the democrat solution to all of this would have been to continue to tap the endless supply of tax dollars from the people and just hunker down waiting for your term to expire. Or do as obama did, which was to abandon his fledgling senate seat and campaign for almost 3 years for president while continuing to collect a paycheck as senator of course (all of those “present” votes he did were hard work”!)

    Palin on the other hand, acted in the best interest of the people of AK in turning power over to sean parell, her lt gov, because he had the same agenda she did only he wouldn’t be harassed by the left’s brown shirts.


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