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Kagan’s skirt suits

May 19, 2010 By: Wendy Phillips Category: Law

Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, made the rounds of key senators’ offices on Capitol Hill today.  In what has become a ritual for high court nominees, Kagan started her day with a visit to Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. She then huddled with Senate Minority Leader – Mitch McConnell, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman – Patrick Leahy, and Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, the committee’s top Republican.

Kagan, who if confirmed would become the 112th Supreme Court justice, seemed relax and gave no indication that she is aware of speculations swirling about her sexual orientation.  While Kagan probably will not make a statement about her sexual orientation (rightly so), her choice of clothing speaks volumes.

During the presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton’s uniform was the pantsuit.  This sent a statement in a male dominated campaign that women had come a long way from the time when pants were considered men’s clothing.  Wearing pantsuits heightened the perception that Hillary could be as tough as a man.

Kagan, however, has chosen to wear skirt suits.  She donned a green jacket and black skirt during the nomination press conference, and a blue jacket and black skirt during her meeting with Senators today.  Was this by chance, or is camp-Kagan trying its best to neutralize speculation about Kagan’s sexual orientation with gender specific clothing?

Maybe Elena Kagan just loves to wear skirts.  Or maybe she believes a skirt suit is proper business attire for a woman who is being interviewed for a job.  Whatever you choose to wear, Elena, enjoy it.  I hear those black robes are pretty boring.

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2 Comments to “Kagan’s skirt suits”

  1. Frances Griffin says:

    Some one may have advised her that for old men, the age of many in Congress, ideas of appropriate dress were formed at a time when women hardly ever wore skirts unless they were going horseback riding. The more out of touch ones may find pantsuits offensive. That they are deemed worthy of comment at all indicates that we have not come very far.

    p.s. We used to think we had to wear hats and gloves to go downtown or to church as well.

  2. There is nothing wrong with skirt suits. I rather like them … as long as you LEARN TO SIT PROPERLY. This woman sits like a man, with her legs apart, so anybody can see right up her skirt! Get some manners!!


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